After completion, our project team will run a series of stress tests, and calibrate the colors and brightness of the LED Display to the most optimum level to suit the site conditions. You will have a peace of mind experiencing LEDtronics!

On-site training, instruction manuals and a full list of as-built and handover documents will be provided to each and every customer. We will take care of every stage of the entire system installation to ensure a smooth and timely installation and a great customer experience.

At the end of the project, our client signs off on the final product after our team has inspected the quality and condition of the display. We pride ourselves on the successful projects completed and the many satisfied clients we have had.

LEDtronics provides a 4-8 hours same day response support for installations in the Klang Valley, and by appointments for outstation installations.

A typical service flow:

  • Client notifies us via WhatsApp with images or video.
  • LEDtronics technicians will attempt remote troubleshooting.
  • If unable to solve issue, permission to access the site will be requested.
  • Trained engineer will attend within 4-8 hours on weekdays.


LEDtronics offers a 2 year Parts & Labor Comprehensive Warranty, and will also be able to perform quarterly maintenance as required.

Maintenance will cover the below aspects:

  • LED & Electronics Test
  • Power and system tests for system failures.
  • Color testing and calibrations.
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software diagnosis and checks
  • Communications Test
  • Control system to LED display connection test.
  • Power Supply Test
  • Voltage checks and electrical component failure tests.


  • High visibility
  • Easily Integrates with your system
  • Real time data integration facility.
  • Supports different fonts and languages.
  • Manual data feed facility via LAN and USB.
  • Automatic data upload facility using Wi-Fi.
  • Supports different fonts and languages.
  • Highly durable for Outdoor & Indoor placements.
  • Full color LED Multimedia content display facility
    like company name, logo, product pictures, informative videos etc.
  • Replace multiple manual boards with scrolling and page turn feature.


  • Easy wireless System Integration.
  • Digital solution
  • Improved visibility.
  • Highly durable & accurate solution.
  • Achieve legal compliance.

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